On the newest edition of Missy’s View, Missy analyzes and explores a large picture in one of her favorite Mexican restaurants in Arizona. She shares the poem on the picture, “Viva Zapata!” and thinks about the influence of Mexican culture. Does Deaf culture share similarities with the pride that Mexican culture has? What makes our culture truly, Deaf Culture?


    • That is true..we don”t have “deaf food”, or “deaf clothing”, but…we have the right to say that we can preside over a University, invent things, create things, converse in a language that is beautiful..right?? Anything else?

  • hello there i really like it when u were story something and i do remember of u ,i never forget about u take care

  • That’s why there has been an age-old argument that there is no Deaf Culture because the definition of “culture” doesn’t quite jibe with the deaf as a group. The uniqueness of our group is different from the standard definition of “culture” and we have to educate them.

  • Cherish Deaf community’s language, American Sign Language. Without it, there won’t be any culture!

  • Love this one, Viva Zapata and You! Maybe we need to grow the Money..how ?? or buy ‘bullets n guns’ so we can be louder,lolz In my mind we deaf should united long time ago…own a town.. own our language.. own our church …own our Media..More to list!