Have you ever thought carefully about what the ASL sign for “equal” means? When you say you want to be equal to another, it often means being equal in more ways than one. And ultimately, you might not always want to remain equal when you really think about all of its meanings. So take a look at the newest “Missy’s View,” and think carefully about whether you still feel you want to be “equal” in every situation.


  • I am a Sign Language Interpreter student @ PR. Thanks for your time and point of view. Im learning a lot.

  • I like your point of view on equal and wonder do u post your video on your YouTube? I would like to show this video to my clients at my work. Thanks!! Sarah Rice

  • Hello Missy , My name is George and live in Mass. I watch your story about issued all right. I’m not think that required equal with people hearing however I necessary equal with people hearing only for employees. Community deaf demand equal for advance , promotion, salary etc require equal with people hearing. If possess Bachelor Degree different issued so only point work labor must be equal with hearing.

  • i think the sign as u say folks are using it is EQUALITY not “equal” meaning that we already know we are created EQUAL this is a self-evident truth that is currently being denied. MLK jr and many other activist past and current advocate for equality of condition mean that while we are already CREATED equal we are not always TREATED equal and thus when folks use the sign as u have portrayed it they are actual saying the want EQUALITY – to be treated equally. This stance does not deny their Deaf culture nor does it diminish the unique ways of being Deaf – in fact what it does is put injustices and mistreatment on the table and leads us to brighter days of justice. All other disenfranchised groups have acknowledged that they were created equal but at times are not treated equally and thus they advocate for equality – not to be the SAME but to be treated equally. Same and equal are NOT the same

  • Interesting point. It is not always productive or healthy to compare oneself to another. Each person has their own path of life, or “ladder,” within a community or society. Remember, ASL is a high-context language. Do you think most Deaf talking about equality who use that sign are meaning to connote every possible thing within the Hearing world, including murder, theft, etc.? I’m not so sure. (Side note: murder, theft, and other crimes, and attitudes exist within the Deaf world, too. They are evil in both realms, wherever they’re found.) Words and signs have meaning only within a context. It is no bad thing to clarify meaning when a sign like ‘equal’ is used. But also, there is an understood connotation to the term most of the time which usually includes opportunities. Hearing have a certain opportunity that the Deaf signer is referring to, or Deaf have a certain opportunity that Hearing don’t. I’ve not personally seen any time where the sign ‘equal’, the way you used it, was referring to murder or other crimes. Maybe you have seen examples of this.

  • i believe in you said, and i agreement, and it’s not worth is equal,..but think about yourself, becuz, deaf people are wise,..don’t worry about another heard people’s way,..

  • Good remark!
    The most important for all of us as together to have these 9 fruit of the Spirit –
    The bible says Galatians 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.
    We will never have to say we want to be equal or Equality with others no matter deaf or hearing or any race or any religion if we have 9 fruits of the Spirit. It will lead you to have the prosperous life.

  • I agree with you what you saying about equal. you do great Missy’s view. God bless you Missy

  • ADA will be disposed if they want to equal with hearing people! I never thought about equaling with them. I only wanted is UNITED! Your view is very good. Keep on viewing!!! ~’o)

  • I totally agree with misty that hearing people have a lot of advantage when it comes to Jobs..And I do know what I dont want.. Is hearing others talk bad or too much dirty language eventually the way parents are to their kids… Our advantage is we cant hear what others say from behind.. And YES we are one large family in a small world instead of big world and a small family!

  • Hi, hello my name is Wilfrid and I live in Chicago and I was adoreable ur goo
    d story and make good sense! Thumb up!!

  • Your P.O.V. make sense now! Thanks for your voicing/signing to make us see what can we better our thinking/attitude within the hearing world! Keep up your work because I do admire you!

  • smile, I agree with u 100 percent…. keep up, smart lady….. May God bless u…… Teresa

  • I agree that we should not say “I want to be equal to hearing people” as we are all special in our own ways. However, I do disagree about you saying hearing people have nothing. That’s a very strong word. How would you feel if they said that about us? I don’t think you should say things like that, as that can be taken the wrong way. Yes, perhaps uneducated, unsuccessful, rude, etc. people, regardless of the fact they are hearing or deaf. We don’t have a right to put them down that way. We are all human, so overall, I think everyone deserves respect. In this video, it seems as if you don’t respect hearing people. I’m deaf and I’m very proud of my culture but I still love my hearing family and hearing friends and wouldn’t trade them for anything else in the world. It’s important to embrace both cultures not just our deaf culture.