Missy has a good explanation for why your snowman looks fatigued the day after you build him. Curious? Watch this winter tale to find out the secret!


  • Very very cool story! Love it so much! I am also doing very positive things in a sometimes very negative world smile…hope you can visit our home page and you will read our highlights in Deaf Education in 2012 there…”Double Pride Season’s Greetings”! We are now focused on improving the 10-15% of hearing families signing–that’s all in 2012? You gotta be kidding! Come see what we are doing and let’s talk about possibly collaborating! Very cool…very positive. and will “melt away” any negativity like the snow men and women starting to melt with very POSITIVE FUN FAMILY and COMMUNITY experiences TOGETHER! It is a new day dawning! Hugs and hope plenty!

  • I watched you tell story about Snowman at night ” . It”s good story. It make me sense that I have seen the snowman always change different shapes everyday… LOL..I like your story. Really enjoying to watch your views.
    Happy Holidays !!!