Missy discusses various issues regarding deaf culture, deaf people and sign language with her two special guests, Tim Leary & Beca Bailey on this episode of Missy’s View, which was filmed live at the DeafNation Expo in Phoenix!


  • Hello Missy!!

    I watched ALL of your videos!! I just watched a video of you at the EXPO in Phoenix! It was great! You were very natural and easy going!! Informal style of interviews make people feel relax and be themselves!
    Always look forward for more videos from you!! I agree with ‘signs’ from different areas….like here in Canada, we have some different signs from USA, but we all accept and enjoy to see the ‘difference’!

    Can’t wait for more to come!

  • Wow. I never see the picture of ASL student sign looks idiot. Not cool pic i think. Im glad you did show everyone the picture, so everyone had to see it. Anyway. thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed to watch your video.

  • Missy, I love to watch your show it is really good. I like to see continue more many subject or topic and many others.
    I did watch all of your shows.
    I watch many other video about those ASL are many different places and other country do have change new ASL from old to new create ASL.
    I wonder can you do something about “No” what is so difficult anyone don’t accept that “No” when ask or something.

  • Hello Missy;
    I like your viewing on Deaf behalf. I was raised in Mountain Zone till at my age of 40’s and I made a move on to Pacific Zone. In my childhood, I was taught to spell person’s names the way I know who they were. What a overwhelming in this Pacific Zone, they use signing for their names I did NOT understand & I asked what & who they are with original names, they do not remember their names. Is it biggest problem?

  • ASL stands for American Sign Laanguage, correct ? As u can see the word “American” meaning only come from U.S.. ? Or can it also Canadan, or Mexican? I want to see how u react? Thanks

    • Jeff, this is a long time AFTER you posted this about the American word usage “ASL.” to answer your question about the difference of its usage in Canada and Mexico or Mexican..everyone has a different way of using signs.. but I think our ASL was picked up from the Native Indians and translated into what or how we use ASL.. I lived in Japan ( I am a Military wife and deaf) during the 50s. the deaf kids in Japan had no way of communicating and did not have the alphabet as we did. so to teach them any thing as how to talk to one other a Navy guy and I taught them SIGNS by pointing at a subject and showing them a sign. there was no way we as Americans could use their “chicken scratch” as we call their writings or lettering s.. it is just like the Canadians have their own way of speech and writings, so do the Mexicans I prefer to use Latin, have their words. and since they are taught ASL that is how it is.Now it is nation wide ASL was began here in the United States. signs have changed into the way they made them understood in their own language and we are now connected to every country, but we as Americans, can not dig the spelled words they might use in ASL as the words they may use for Moon or what ever… hopefully this will answer your question about ASL. its the spelled word we do not know the meaning of unless it is in English. signs are not that much of a problem to figure out and we don’t hear Spanish as in No “habla” espanol or we do speak it but we can or can’t read it when it is on a tv screen used for the american deaf people

  • Hi Missy! 🙂
    I enjoyed watching on you since now…I have my personality like you…you are strong personality and have passion cherish for Deaf cultures, etc…
    I need to ask you about ASL Class that you happened to discuss about it recently in EXPO Phoenix…Wonder is my question…”Who should to be teacher for ASL Class? Deaf or Hearing?”
    Please make that… I have been offense about Hearing person take over ASL Class…Please make that video!!! I am dying what you think and other Deaf people too!
    Thanks! 🙂
    By the way I said my name with “dimples”” that is my sign name and I am Deaf! 🙂

  • I know it old video but I loves watch your videos .. that samples from hearing same old thing years from 70’s to present still same story !! they think deaf are aliens !!! of course top number one dirty languages .. myself like said what the hell since I worked 3 different jobs all same story until I got other job which been work 18 years never see one ask about dirty language !! I was shock !! but ask me what sign language for this this this !!??!!?? but face other people still ignorant !!!!
    if you remmy who am I !! I used went to ASDB ( Arizona ) in 1975 through Dec 1983 , moved to Alabama !