• an interesting and simple message!
    you just made my day!
    I go on merrily with the chores for the day!

    • very interesting to see whatever you said about coconut what is not dangerous ,shark yes it is but you explained very interesting shark is not coconut yes it is !!! other time i will go to Hawaii one day i will aware about that palm tree i will walk little bit farther from that tree Missy’s view thanks for advise me !

  • I love the fact that you shared the views of what you had seen and learned. This is something we all need to know to stimulate our thinking process of how we all view things. You are right about the sharks but wow never thought a coconut can eventually kill us! LOL, hope we wont have a coconut phobia! Thanks for sharing your view, keep it up!

  • How interesting… Glad I didn’t get hit by coconut while visited in Hawaii as I never thought of it.Thanks for sharing… I agreed snorkeling in Hawaii is champ and awesome…there were couple of times in Maui I was so far away from the shore till I looked up I was like oh my gosh but thankful for whomever invented the fins to get me back gradually. Nothing is like the beauty and nature underwater. I’ll always cherished the beautiful nature of Hawaii and their culture. Part of my heart is still left there,smile…yet I’m loving living in Austin,my sweet hometown.

  • Awesome news you shared with us! Thanks for warning. I will keep my distance away coconut trees. lolz

  • I lived in Big Island for 3 years. It is an amazing island. Snorkeling is something you CAN NOT miss it! Now that you mentined coconut, when we lived in Big Island, the locals warned me not to park under the palm tree otherwise it will fall on your car 🙂

    I do miss Hawaii and want to move back. Between December and April, we go to the beach and watch the whales. It was awesome. It is free to watch.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Really ! I never know about how dangerous are coconuts ?
    Yes, I always image too much about sharks when I go to swim on beach.
    No wonder, I live in Missouri. lol !
    Millions thanks about advise.

  • Thank you for sharing this Missy! I am an ASL teacher and we use your curriculum in our ASL Program. I will share “Missy’s View” with my ASL students. P.S. I never thought about getting hit in the head with a coconut. I will definitely remember to be careful if I ever get to visit Hawaii 🙂

  • Interesting! I wish I can snorkel…only if I don’t have asthma!! I was told I can’t even scuba dive with the oxygen tank. Pfft. But the coconut being responsible for more deaths than sharks? Wow. It is like the analogy that more cars kill people than flying, getting shot than being hit by lightning…Your description of the coconut reminds me of the movie, “Castaway,” where Tom Hanks struggled to pry open the coconut so he can eat and drink. Very tough material – indeed, can imagine it kills the poor fortunate creature walking by.

    The bio looks good! Your intro clip was great!

  • Missy! You Rock! love your Coconut info. I know, I went Hawaii ten times. I once walked and saw the coconut fell on the surface, like 30 feet away front of me. YEP, its dangerous but tasteful to eat! Sharks, no biggie~!

  • Really nice to watch the info. Your ASL is clear and easy for a danish person like me! I can understand ASL, but still nice to continue to catch the story, this way to introduce about the coconut and shark. Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Yes, I agree with Missy. It is true. It happened to me when I was in Napa, Florida. I climbed a tree to cut one down once when I was 10 and accidentally shook one loose on the way up. It almost hit the forehead of my friend on the ground. She freaked out…it could knock you out or kill ya. But it was worth it to get the coconuts and drank all the milk, tasted great. Only problem was the bad diaharra! 🙁
    Florida and Hawaii have the same kind of coconuts. Beware of standing or laying under the tree . I think it’s dangerous…best to go snorkeling or scuba diving and see life and things under water.
    By the way, you look great in this clip. Thanks for the putting out info on the dangers of admiring coconuts!!

  • very interesting! I guess we should take “facts of life” e-classes (101) under you !

  • I love your awesome videos … It is my second times. It is very interested about the cocnut ! However, the sharks is definitely beautiful …I am looking forward to watch your new videos in the future !! thank you ,Missy ..

  • Hi M. Thanks for sharing since we will be in Hawaii next month, great lesson for me! I’ll snorkel without fear and wear helmet on land! hugs!

  • Missy….. Wow! I like to listen what your story is about coconut. It is very interesting to me. I wonder. If coconut hits me, I will die. Is it true? I know it is not funny and be careful. Right? I love my mom makes a coconut cake to be delicious. Ha!

  • Wow, interest news about cocnut… thank for sharing. Oh yes I know shark rare bite huiman that I not worry, but not go to ocean while period, ha ha LOL. or any blood, okay, but is this true?

    Hope you not mind that I add recipt of Peanut Butter and Coconut cookies ( no bake) 1/2 cup PB
    1/4 cup Honey
    1/2 tsp Vanilla Excract ( spell?)
    1 – 3 cups Coconut
    use ice cream spoon
    on wax paper
    on cookie sheet
    to Chill and eat.

    Oh that my favorite cookies in the world (giggle)

    Anyway, Do you remember me? We were Gally student before. I met you again in Flagstaff, AZ last year ago.

  • Message from Belleville, Ontario, Canada… It was very interested to compare shark and coconut. Keep up with your good work!

  • Missy-

    Thank you for sharing information about coconut. I will use your clip for Classifiers to challenge students to think because it is something different information. Whoever not lives in beach as Hawaii or Florida will never know about coconut being danger.

    Hawaii suit you! Give my hello to Dave!

    Take care

  • Hello from Snowy Canada!! (Toronto Ontario) Love love love your “Missy’s View”- finally!! You are always good at this talent-‘One Woman’s Show’!! Your dream comes true!
    Fortunately, here in Canada, we don’t have either SHARKS or COCONUTS! Too cold for them ha ha…therefore, it is safe down here! However, we do have GRIZZLY BEARS, cougars, or SNOWSTORMS, that can be dangerous!
    Will look forward to seeing more more of your “Missy’s Views”! May I join someday eh!? (Canadian way to say!)

  • Hey….Missy view.. I tell you a truth I am falling in love with your beautiful talent the sign language! sometime I watch the website Tube some deaf people had talk make me bored easy and no pay attention quickly. Now surprise, your program is best ever I see and hope your program will keep rolling long miles away ! Good Luck…..

  • Hi from Quebec!!
    I agree with you about Shark.
    Who most often injured and killed on accident with the car unless Shark attack with people! do you think…

  • Awesome Message, Missy!!
    Love the way you compared the sharks and coconuts.
    Keep up with good work.

  • Hi Missy

    I love your video and I learn something that I never heard before . I am looking forward to see more video from you . Please keep going thanks

  • Hi Missy,
    I just smirk…. you know why?
    Now, I’m living on my Kaua’i island and I’ve been gone to beaches… I notice there are several warning signs on the coconut trees and some of them are already cut off so Eventually, I still do glanced and checked if there’re none coconuts above so I can find my spot. And I would say the same thing when I go into the water and I always have fear of sharks it they’ll coming to us. I just only willing go dipping or go to baby beach. I still do have fear both of them… ha 🙂 Thanks for your sharing of your view 🙂


  • hi everyone … That mean is warning to fall or hit head on the coconut bc warning you and everyone if sharks come to close you .. never know or bad luck so If coconut warning you never know that sharks coming as close you on the shore and plus that wind the palm tree with coconut fall or nature then so never happen .. .. If ask Hawaiian people will know about it .. smile .. anyway
    Aloha … .. I surprise Missy talk about it .. wow ..

  • Just some usefull information..as a former resident of Florida, and now a current resident of Nevada, of which there are many Palm “trees”, I bet you guys did not know that a palm “tree” is in fact not a “tree” at all! All Palms, including Coconut Palms, are actually bushes…they are not trees at all…I have had known this fact for years and like yourselves, am quite surprised by this fact..it’s true! Look it up!
    Jim in Nevada…

  • Missy — I enjoyed your story about coconuts. Oahu was my home island for 10 years. During that time, Penny and I visited Polynesian Cultural Center near Laia on the North Shore. It is a huge attraction with exhibits on how Hawaiians lived in the past. One exhibit showed how coconut milk was made. Once a hole is made into coconut, the Hawaiian guy told us “Never drink the liquid from inside the coconut because it will cause stomach upset and diarrhea”. He scraped the inside white part and placed the white pieces on a fishnet. He twisted it until it leaked coconut milk. So that’s how you get the milk. A visit to PCC takes all day and a long night of Hawaiian dancing and flaming swords. Yes, coconuts are dangerous when they are flying in a hurricane. In 1993 hurricane hit on Kauai and coconuts and pieces of wood became missiles and killed some people.

  • interesting numbers of dead compare with shark and nature plant. When I plan go then bring my own helmet as bike and snow ski and etc….good idea ?? even Hawaii never though ?