In the newest episode of Missy’s view, Missy talks about different signs for “Pregnant” and muses about what to do when you go to a dentist for teeth cleaning when your teeth are already clean!


    • Loved your vlogs!!! I think you are due in Aug! Welcome to the motherhood.. You will love it expect those morning sickness and end of trimester! It may be myth but if your belly is lower it cld be a boy (it was true when I had a baby boy) he s now 15 months. Higher belly would be girl! Again, it may be myth!

      Again, Congratulations!

  • I guess your due date will be on September 12 2011. 🙂
    I love your vlogs which you gave me better perspective on daily lives. 🙂
    Keep it going

  • Wait a min if you are conceived in March just like me. You will be due in Sept instead of Aug! 🙂

  • I love your comment! I would guess your due date would be end of August – 1st week of Sept! Congratulations!

  • Bet your baby is due around Sept 16 🙂 I love your vlogs, Very wonderful and I’ve learned from you. Maybe you have heard of my book called Deaf like Me so far 🙂 Winks, and I don’t mean to show off but most ASL Students are required to read this book for class report, and I was wondering why ? Can you share it with me your theory whatever it brings your opinion.

  • I am also preg too.. Maybe u possible due sept 11 2011.. u possible now 16 week 4 day tht 4month preg.. I am due Aug 20. myself deaf mom with 4yr old and we unknown wht gender we going have.. Have good pregnancy there.. have good evening.

  • you said you would scream if someone criticized you???? I would say “Pregnancy Crazes Craves Anthing to eat whatever you desires”…….

  • I should know when. I think you said July or Aug. I do know that you are a very beautiful pregnant lady. I can’t wait to see the new little one. Still working on understanding all of your vlog. I will need to get Help from Kaitlyn.

  • Hello Missy! I love your vlogs and really appreciate someone who likes to think things that is uncommon or uncanny and somewhat a lightbulb making an issue a sensible thought and to share it for someone to think about. Actually I consider you my Brain areobics. Sure, the brain is a muscle and having thinking ability is an exercise to pursue your wisdom in action, right?
    Now speaking of your pregnancy date, could your baby be a girl being born on August 7th, maybe name Tammy? Smile!! Have a great pregnancy and enjoy every moment you have with your baby since the day you found out it was concieved. I have four kids of my own.. they are the seasonal babies.. One was born in winter,one in spring, one in summer and one in autumn. Again, enjoy the pregnancy and the journey of child raising…. Peace, Tammy

  • Thanks for make me laugh and laugh !! You are such hilarious !

    I assume, your baby due is September 1st, 2011. They sparkle color blue on your chocolate cup cake. Obviously, they give you hint, you will have a baby boy!

  • Great your comment! I would guess your due date would be end of 1st week of Sept! or Labor Day!!!!!!!! Great Have good pregnancy!!!!! Congratulations!

    I am Sept. 17…………
    Love you! Ricky

  • HI all you my friends! Three said very close to that date: Richard, April, Mslatin, and Christy – you are very close! DUE DATE IS SEPT 8th!! I will give the DVDs to you, RIchard, April, Mslatin and Christy. You can inbox your address to my Facebook. Security reason.
    Thank you for all of your comments. Life is a funny way to live, right? Next Thursday, April 14th, more vlogs! :0)
    Have a wonderful day,

  • Hi Missy!

    I feel you will have this baby (guessing a boy) early on July 12th as you are so active, smile!

    Best wishes for a healthy and precious pregnancy!

    Marie Gal

  • Your due date around Sept 15th I guess.. 😉 My older daughter is pregnancy due this Aug. I am excting and foward to be grandma Azirra

  • Hi Missy
    I watched your story,,, You made me laughing…LOL you right!! I will not clean before appoint dentist LOL.
    I guess you have 2 twins boy and girl will be On Sept 11. it because building twins same as your babies I hope I would win lol.

  • I am too late to win DVD, darn. But I wanted to tell you about sign for pregnancy. I use same one that you do. When you are 8 and 9 months pregnant, notice if you start holding your belly same way this sign is made. It is a natural sign for pregnant women. Good luck in your pregnancy, but I hope you don’t live in area very hot to be pregnant over summer!

  • Hi Missy! So good to see you on all those videos! Your vlogs sure make my day everytime!! Besides about the guesswork of your pregnancy, I once read an article from ‘Dear Abby’ that a dentist complained about the patients with dirty teeth especially when the one came in right after eating Philly steak and cheese sandwich. (Eewww!! I know!) The dentist prefers us to come in with clean teeth and make their jobs much easier. Same price yet we want to show them off how much we care about our teeth! By the way, congrats for your being preggy!! 🙂

  • I believe that you will have baby girl on September 3rd in the morning…I love your views of Talk….and Teeth cleaning, make me laughs… Thank you for sharing with all of us…
    Enjoy your pregnancy…I have 2 grown daughter, 21 and son, 19 and a granddaughter who will be 2 coming this June…

    Myth about higher may be girl and Lower may be boy, it is only Myth…

    If you believe in dreams, dreams will tells you…
    During my pregnancy, I was correct and with my daughter’s pregnancy, my dreams comes true and always right…Smile…

  • Congrats! You will enjoy every minutes on your pregnancy. I myself have 5 childrens. I love them every bit of it! Yes, clean your teeth is very important to everyone. 🙂 I love your vlogs! You so good in deep explaining in everything. Keep it up with more vlogs. I would love to see you more vlog often! 🙂

  • Love your vlogs!! Is there a subscription button whenever you upload a new vlog and it will alert me?

  • You were funny !!! Congrats to be a “Mommy” ! Keep up with your good work ! 🙂

  • I think you are due the 2nd or 3rd week of September! I’m so excited for you. Thanks for sharing the vlogs, I love seeing what you have to say.

  • this evening was my 1st time to watch your post. I really enjoyed your post. I will keep looking forward more posts coming up soon as you said every other Thursday! ughh can you change every Thursday? 🙂 heh. now you spoke of pregnancy yes I remembered when I was a little boy I used to see elder people use old fashion signing of Pregnancy until I married to my wife and got pregnancy the signing has been changing to modern signing which is interesting I will ask my wife how did it happen changing the old fashion signing to modern. so we have 2 sons age 8 and nearly 7 months.
    let me assume your due will be on August 30 if someone happen to post here same date then i will assume happen in the early morning about 4 am..:) keep it up good post thanks for your posts here with good humors, facts, and etc… God bless! by the way Congratulation on your pregnacy whats your desire to have baby’s sex (mean girl or boy eheh)

  • i did sure enjoy to watch ur vlog!!! specially dentist .. ur so funny!
    by the way congrats for preggy .. i hope it will be BOY!! good luck! 🙂


  • Aloha Missy,

    I love your vlogs. I tried to remember you told me your due date but now I forgot. Sheesshh… Time is coming soon with your 3rd baby on Sept 8. Looking forward to seeing your next View vlogs.

  • This vlog is my favorite of all favorites. It’s the funniest one, especially when you showed your “chocolate” teeth as I didn’t expect you would exaggerate how dirty your teeth were. I burst and laughed myself until tear rolled and rolled. I love this part! Keep your sense of humor, Missy!

    Speaking of date due for your baby birth…. Let’s do it on July 6th!!!!


  • I think your baby is due in August 3rd, 2011. I love your views. They are amusings to me. I love it and keep up!


  • Hi Missy, I am profoundly Deaf. I live in Oklahoma….I am quite fluent in sign but have noticed signs are becoming more modern these days. This is interesting and I do want to learn more modern signs than what I learned growing up. I tend to use Pidgen Sign as I grew up with SEE, then started w/ASL when I was in college & became more involved with the deaf community. However, I am now back in my hometown, and have been hired at a local elementary school as a sign language interpreter/para-educator with a deaf boy & I want to be sure I am using the right signs he will learn to use(he is still learning signs at this point in time) and wonder if you have any advice, suggestions, or any materials you could send me to use in learning more signs so I can become stronger in my sign fluency? Please email me or find me on facebook under Shelley Ann Dixon & add me & I will PM you from there. Smile.
    Thanks for your time,

  • If you eat a lot of the chocolate. It will be G I R L!! If you are not eat the chocolate. It will be boy. And also if you eat a lot of ham. It will be G I R L.
    Check Google and find it out what they said.

  • Missy, you are great! I just love watching your commentaries! Keep them coming!

    I would guess about the baby but I think I am late. You have already had her. She is beautiful.


  • You are funny.. what did dentist said about your teeth after eating chocolate? ha ha.. congrats on your new baby i guessed. I noticed this old posted on a year