Sabrina Valencia sits down with Jessica Von Garrel, Deaf Zumba instructor, and discusses Zumba and what inspired Jessica to become a Zumba instructor. Jessica also shares her experience teaching Zumba to children and offers helpful tips for those who want to become a Zumba instructor. (captioned)


  • whom I wonder about Zumba I want dance Zumba I have breathe slow walk I hate it I want learn dance Zumba I miss I am here in Oviedo fla

  • There are rhythm class in some deaf school and some day program for deaf children. I hope to see Jessica Von Garrel brings her new-found knowledge and her expertise to work with those rhythm teachers in teaching how to work with deaf child effectively.

    Lot of those rhythm teachers are hearing and often they think they know what they are doing. Unfortunately, my anecdotal experience tells me they don’t. What they are doing are making those deaf kids miserable because they don’t know how the kids receptive the rhythm, dance, and music.

    Jessica Von Garrel may be a life-saver if she scales herself to national level and become an expert to those rhythm teachers.