Kids love being physically active, but they need adult role models to encourage them to maintain healthy and active lifestyle when they enter adulthood. Sabrina Valencia gives you eight different activity ideas you can do with your kids and still have fun. (captioned)


  • I am enjoying this with my deaf friends. I am a teacher for deaf children and have been close to 8 years. I have come realise that Sign Language is not universal. Certain signs are signed differently in different countries. So my request is as you give this wonderful knowledge, have it also written somewhere so that all those interested can benefit.
    thank you

  • I agreed about the activities with kids. My mom never took me out for activities and gave me poor health lifestyle and had trouble to adjust into a health lifestyle. When I have kids someday, I would take them out for activities and keep them have a health lifestyle.

  • Hello Sabrina,

    As Deaf Health/Physical Education teacher at the Ernest C. Drury School for the Deaf in Milton, Ontario, Canada, I enjoyed watching your explicit presentation in relation to different Health topics. It is an educational and amazing resource for both students and teachers in North America. I was wondering if you could explain the 6 basic nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water) in less than 5 minutes. Looking forward to watching you more other topics! 🙂 You Rock! Thanks a munch!

  • Hi Sabrina,

    My name is Jack. I really enjoy to watch your Healthfit shows. I believe that Healtfit shows are very important to us (Deaf, HOH, Disabilities and include hearing people).Keep running your Healthfit shows. It is really so valuable to us! I never knew that you was bodybuilding competes. Thumb up.