Do you have a dry mouth? Do you feel tired? Had enough of that headache? They could be symptoms of dehydration. Sabrina Valencia explains how vital it is to keep hydrated. You can start by drinking eight cups of water or more every day! (captioned)


  • I am curious how does the 8 glasses of water a day came up with an arbitrary number. Sure, drinking water is very important. Is it the same effectiveness for a 5 years old child to drink 8 glasses of water a day comparing to a 15 years old person? 25 years old? 55 years old? 65 years old? 85 years old? On top of that, height and weight difference correlating to 8 glasses of water a day.

    8 glasses of water a day is abstract. (8) 8 oz of glasses of water a day? (8) 16 oz of glasses of water a day?

    What is clear is that we are to stay hydrate. What is not clear here is amount of water we need to drink per se our body dimension. And, 8 glasses of what volume? Then there is importance of water quality and a warning of water intoxication (Drinking too much water).

    What are our middle ground of safe water drinking in term of water quality and volume that our body needs individually.

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  • I’ve been 3-time Half marathon since last year. Sometimes, I got cramped from my calves during the long distance of running training every Saturday. I have some questions for you regarding the electrolyte drinks. Do you think if I need electrolytes drink more enough? How many ounces of electrolytes drinks do I need to drink every 2 miles? Of course, I do drink lots of water (8 x at least 8 oz. of water per day) during the non-activity day. What product do you recommend for me to drink electrolyte drinks? Like NUUN or Gatorade G2? Thank you.