Jed Barish brings you into the world of unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones. He goes in depth about the recent incident at the White House involving a drone. “Toying” with the latest addition to DeafNation’s ever-growing collection of gadgets, Jed learned one important thing: safety is the key! (captioned)


  • Thank Goodness for Gallaudet University’s 150th Anniversary committee used the drone to take the historic group photos / videos last summer 2014 before the White House incident.

  • This is going to be one of my future purchase(cross my fingers) in film production use, one day soon (to be released in 2016). I would use a film crane for some of the production, but a drone would probably be much more effective in some specific, effective film shoots. (Cheaper in the long run) as cranes are a bit pricy, bulky as compared to drones. I’m looking at a much bigger drone that you just demonstrated. Those drones that would do heavy lifting of cameras, such as Red, Canon 300, and that it would “float” in stability mode…. Thanks for sharing.

  • Just bought DJI Phantom Vision+ for my newest hobby in spite of my age of 83. Thanks for showing the video about the safety as the primary concern. I will use the drone for pleasure and education. I am more of interested in aerial photography. I am hoping to have a community for us the drone pilots to share our skills and thoughts some day.

  • Become concerns with FAA rules increase. I’ve own 350 QX2 drone, live on country home. Is it ok to pleasure at my local (home area)? I’ve read a lot information with FAA on drone issues confusing me. Please help with explanation more on video in soon if possible. Thanks.