Louisiana Association of the Deaf has something most other associations don’t, its very own office. The office has been surprisingly useful and Cindy, the president, says Bingo was the reason they were able to fund an office. (captioned)


  • Please go and visit Oklahoma City Deaf club in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma They runs bingo on their own. They also own a place to run with. Just thought to share with you.

    Please ask for Terry West and Minnie West. Jennifer Fannon is the current Preisdent for this club, called OKCAD. I believe it stands for Oklahkma City Association for the Deaf.

    Please mention my name that recommended to you.

    Thanks, SJ

  • For your information, South Carolina Association of the Deaf (SCAD) has had its own Home Office in Columbia for over 30 years. So Louisiana (LSD) is not only one state association of the deaf having Home Office.