In this inspiring vlog, Alana shares her three “resolutions” for us all in the new year. As she says, during the Christmas season as a new year beckons, we all should look within to become better human beings.


  • I totally agree with number 2… that is most problem in this america uptoday, because I dont see anyone ride bike on street, or play football / hockey on street anymore.. the children need go outside to play and breath fresh air…

  • I will be a new sale woman in the National Deaf Expo in the future, hope seeing you there someday and am the weld/art. Nice chat with you. Happy soon New Years! Christine

  • Hello Hi my name is Abraham Gershowitz France etc. I’ve seen the video say sorry I do not share the Christmas course because I was a Jew for you and respected you a nice course I told them have a relationship with all people. You’re right that they see computers or Emil different if people have forgotten the people Eiffel husband and wife. Need a wife and husband or children involved with children like this is very important to talk a good yea

  • Thank you for very positive message. You truly did give us better thought of others, etc. You did a beautiful message! Happy Holidays.

  • Hi, I totally agreed with you about today big change from our time…. I have two boys I always keep spoken on them about positive and negative about our life and today theirife wow big change that’s difficult for parents raise kids not easy. Anyway im very impressed with you on the lecture on blog video. Have a wonderful year !

  • yea.. I agree with you but myself personally still struggled in many years. i went see counselor. it was okay. i still need help. can i contact you alana? what is your email? thanks ..