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  • my name is Jordan Bomse..i have been signing for 6yrs & am interested in becoming an interpretor.. i live in Hollywoo Fla & wanted to find a school where i can take classes to get my Certificate so i can teach…please any advice you can give would be much appreciated…

  • Hello my name is Doreen,I am a 55 yr old woman,yes both of my parents were born deaf which I am a
    ” CODA ” even though I hate the name CODA I feel I am been label across my forehead,now been the oldest out of 4 kids,I was never embarrass about my parents been deaf to me it was my 1st language and I am very proud of it!! but in my early 30’s my hearing started to go,I began to wear hearing aids,then
    I had 5 children down the line I made sure my kids had hearing test every 6months-to 1 year check up, because of my parents been deaf,as the years went by my 2nd oldest daughter had a lot of of inner ear infections,tubes after tubes I said no more as she got older she was telling me she was telling me how some of her friends telling her ” Erin ” stop yelling at us I thought oh no humm okay she tell me this,by this time I am already wearing 2 hearing aids,so I told my daughter Erin okay lets go get it checked out ,well sure enough she had lost alot of her hearing due to the tubes oprations when she was little girl,So she ask me a Question so does that make me a CODA because now I have lost 85% hearing in my left ear and 90% in my right ear my specialist told me it is really point less for you to buy 2 new hearing aids,and because you lip read so well and he ask me how do I it I explain to him I am a CODA he gave me such a strange look like what’s a CODA so I had to explain to him what is the word is..After all that he ask me why don’t you say you have 2 deaf parents,which I do he said the word is like putting a label on yourself I said I know,,So here is my question to you because I can lip read speak well but lost my hearing – – how do I explain my self am I deaf or hard of hearing ?? and is my a CODA too or what ?? Okay enough of that one lol In 2011 we went to Athens ,Greece to watch my 4 th son who is in Special Olympics while sitting down on the tram (LRT TRAINS ) I happen to notice their were a group of deaf people signing , now ever since I was a child I had this interested to learn different sign language, so my dad always told me always say ” hi ” well say the least the deaf people did not understand me ,so now I am on the hunt to look how to sign ” Greek Sign Language ” Book where can I find to purchase one ?? I have a British Sign Language Book which I purchase in London , England while I was there for a few days,but I could not find a Greek Sign Language Book, do you have any suggestions ?? Well I sure hope to hear from you ,Thank-You for your time and letting me expressing my thoughts about me been labeled as a CODA ….. once again A A BIG THANK-YOU ……Doreen

  • I enjoyed watching your all videos. Funny that last year, I watched your video about introvert/extrovert, few days later, my teacher brought it up and asked us in classroom what was the difference between them. I voluntarily raised my hand and began to discuss them. I learned it from you :-). I am more introvert and some extrovert. I look forward to seeing more upcoming Alana’s Musings. Great job.

  • Feedback for Alana:: I always love to watch your videos.. you are a great speaker. The feedback is need to let you know that, as an individually who has visual impaired (Usher Syndrome or etc). Your video background is not great for many people who has visual impaired. There are so much different colors, angles, decorate, and lighting. I would prefer you to signing it with solid background that is very helpful and would have everyone understand you very clearly.

    Thank you.

  • my name is Cheri and Im deaf I watch your video about communication successfully.. i interest need help with communication to deaf people want my mind to learn better fix it.. i will behappy move on new life … no one understand me i keep do my best!!

  • I really enjoy all your video and help others to understand God uses you advise them Thank you for set up your own video You are great teacher smile!