Alana discusses our abilities to maintain our boundaries and the importance of facts finding before saying anything. It also involves skill(s) to know when and where to draw the line in your professional and personal relationships. [Captioned]


  • James Alutcher wrote a book, “The Power of No”. I haven’t read it. However, the book sells well and it indicated that it is a widespread problem we have with setting our boundaries.

  • Very sound advice! Too often we get sucked into discussing other people’s business like gossips and heresay( second hand facts) without “fact checking “. Often having to learn the hard way the consequences of damaging someone’s reputation can wind those up in court for defamation and slandering somebody can hurt you in your own pocket. This is a skill that needs to be taught before you get out of line with your hands flapping in the public area. Privacy is at a premium with cameras and cell phones recording when you least expect it. Use common sense and discretion when you approach the situation or are asked for opinion or facts in any persona, professional, or relationship issues you come to bear witness to.l