Starbucks is a busy place to work, with lots going on. It’s a challenge for any employee, but how does a Deaf barista do it? Find out how Arezo overcomes the barriers!


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  • You notice that Coffie machine has ground mill into hot water to make small shoot of java. It is cost $50,000 ! I spoke one of my hearing lady who work for Starbucks, so, it is worth make coffiee everyday could be profitbiable !

    I hopefuly area of deaf coummunity could work for Starbucks to better able to coummcation and order fresh Coffee .

  • i used work Starbucks barista in 2006. myself deaf. i made coffees for customers and its was very easy part of job. i worked with coworker and two who can sign language. one of her deaf family. i noticed her work at starbucsks for 9 years. thats good for her. i cannot continue this job. it’s small wage and just not great benefits., but the job really fun part of experienced with many different customers and coworkers. its was amazing with hearing communications.. i never have any problem with customers. i believe in her what she said. don’t give up and keep it up! =)

  • I know her. She’s so sweet. I know her husband Shah. We always chat with each other on internet. They’re from Iran. They’re really nice people!

  • I was a former employee of Starbucks. It was my first Starbuck coffee employee at Atlanta in 2000. I work 3 places one is Atlanta and two is Rye Brook, NY and three is Time Square. Now I took a fileed EEOC and Civil Right against Starbuck Coffee for my requestion to promational. Still long way to go and wait to hear from Civil Right.

    I want to say Congrulation to her and keep her dreaming!