Join Joel as he enters a huge greenhouse all dedicated to growing one crop! It’s flowers, but not Holland’s famous tulips. What?! Surprised? So were we! Check out these yellow roses and meet the man who grows them. Deaf himself, he knows a great deal about the science and art of growing these beautiful golden rosebuds. Learn more about the logistics of running a large greenhouse, and be amazed! (captioned)

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  • WOW! I learned how they do with the beautiful light yellow roses! It was so good to able see what you say with ASL and Holland Sign Language! YAY!

  • My goodness, these flowers are so beautiful, especially roses! Huge greenhouse and the fridge to handle these roses. Its a big business where they auction all over the world, that impress me!
    I want to share with you, there’s a small city called Wasco (20 min north from Bakersfield),they grow roses out the fields and they deliver roses to Rose Parade in Pasadena. You will find CSUN students volunteer to glue the flowers and fill the floats before the New Year begins.
    Just a thought.

  • Fascinating! His family must be lucky because when he gets home from work, he smells so good from all those flowers everyday!!

  • Wow! i live in the Netherlands and i never seen it before! thanks for the explanation now i know how it works. it is so wonderfull to see.