Sorenson Communications launched their newest product today, the ntouch VP. Joel Barish attends the product launch at Gallaudet University and talks with CEO Pat Nola about the latest products to come from Sorenson. Take a look at the newest video phone to his the market, and learn about Deaf Sign Mail, one of several new features available on the ntouch VP.

More information about Sorenson Communicatons:

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  • I am looking forward to getting NTouch Mobile in future… I think it is great to
    have it.. Thanks so much for the info… Ruth K. Ecker

  • Congranulation for your intelligence work to improve easier way . I am forward to get NTouch VP someday .

  • would love to have one for my apt and very intelligence to the future. Looking forward to have one for Ntouch sooner .

  • Awesome for new equipment made by Sorensonin in short time what all deafies need and demands to have all special features like leave your message to your friend, nice tool provided by Sorenson. My heart always believe in Sorenson’s work!
    Now I seek for getting a brand new one because of HD screen and special features

  • hello i saw n/touch.vp.when i want to know when ? i love it my heart alway believe it in Sorenson. It’s work it thank lk

  • I thought nvp is a great experience I would like one myself I really love to block some people to make sure they dont talk to me or call me anymore that is a good technology !!!

  • wow that cool, i like it very much. All deafies will happy and love it …also ntouch mobile they (all deafies) need it too…! thank you gloria

  • hi i would like to have this new intouch vp andwonder willget tv with intouch vp or only intouch vp??? will let us know about it please ok thank you gloria and tim