Joel meets with the Deaf owner of Scuba diving company Aqua Hands, Thomas Koch in Clearwater, Florida. Koch is a PADI-certified Master Scuba Diver Trainer Instructor, and takes Joel spearfishing in the depths off of the Florida coast. Learn about what Aqua Hands has to offer, and go Scuba diving with Joel and Koch in this video. To learn more about Aqua Hands, visit their website

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  • Thanks for sharing with us your diving trip with two other deaf guys. I never realized you had yellow-tint mask and did you like it better than clear len?
    That underwater camera “GoPro HD” you had, suggest use Rain-X to get rid of the water bubble on the lens. I never like to dive around Barracuda. Thats wicked sharp teeth!! 🙂

  • Good thing you guys didn’t have any reflection upon their eyes! Did you get a chance to eat it? How was it? I never experience on that flavor. FYI, you guys have to go Brasil, it have tons of fish that you would not believe your eyes!
    Tell me how did you like that yellow-tint mask? I’m thinking about buying that one. I’m bored with plain color! Lol.

    • Congratulations to you guys for such a fantastic idea!! I am an Australian that has taught Scuba for over ten years, and have been working with the Deaf for 4 years, my dream was to teach Deaf to Scuba dive since I arrived in the United States…I would still love to fulfill that dream. Would love to meet you guys.
      Hope that you are really successful and spreading the love of the underwater world to people that really have more fun than any of the hearing people I have taught.
      I have had the pleasure of working with 2 Deaf OW students way back in 1994, thats when I decided that is what I want to do.

  • Hey Guys, Thanks for your sharing with us about your diving trip at Clearwater, FL.
    Let me tell you something… try go to Maui, Hawaii for a change pace. It is so beautiful and very clear water also a lot of colorful fishes. Aloha, Donna Faye

  • Most of my diving has been in Honduras on Utila, the sister Island to Roatan, which is where I noticed that you travel to…have you guys seen the Whale Sharks that swarm aorund the Islands all of March…no signs can explain that feeling!!!!!Go for it guys

  • Congratulations to you guys for such a fantastic idea. I am an Australian that has taught Scuba for 10 years, and when I arrived in the United States, I decided to learn ASL so I could teach Deaf to dive!!! Most of my diving was in Utila, the Bay Islands, on the sister Island of Utila..
    So happy to know that you are opening up another world to the Deaf, and sharing your love for the under water world..would love to meet you guys!! I hope that it becomes a huge success, if it hasn’t already..go for it guys…Gracie

  • Ich bin in Viersen-Dülken/Germany and Deaf-Diving-Club in Kassel Gehörlosen!!! Super- toll !!
    Grüße Dirk Heyer