Boeing has a long tradition of airplane manufacturing and is an inclusive environment for their Deaf employees. Joel meets some of these employees and finds out more about their significant contributions. We also get a behind the scenes look at the brand new Dreamliner. Don’t miss this exciting technology-filled video!

The Boeing Company


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  • This is a very good video and a wonderful “No Barrier” with Boeing co.

    Thanks for creating and sharing this video. I have always love the 747 and the 747 has been around since 1970!

  • I am 62 yesr old and I was retired from Bush Intercontinetal Airport last year but I want to learn how building airline or fixing any item that were broken ot loss .

  • Wow, Amazing!! Nice Job! Proud Deaf employee can do their Job! Great. I love and very interesting to learn many thousands how they make any kind new planes. Dream Liners sound nice!! Wow What a Awesome Job thousand to works! Yes, Checking all work complete and test pass and approve for all the flights safe!! Love to fly and traveling the world. 🙂 Who’s that guy that one talked about plane nose job? 150 tons Damn!! Powerful! Champ! Smile. I can’t imaging so many million pieces of wiring, power jet, and many mores.

  • Gorgeous! What a biggest challenge this Boeing! Deaf employee can do executing their job and highly skills by the hands. I am proud of deaf can do anything of highly position in the job like this. Hope the hearing people will realize that deaf employees have the good opportunity this job. I love airplanes! I am currently learning the drafting for piping and structure at school. I wish to have learn about aircraft school. This video of the No Barrier with Joel Barish has a great news to everyone about Deaf employees have a good job. The value is a key for skill hand tools perfectly to the deaf’s hands. What an awesome!

  • Fantastic information! It is amazing these Deaf fellows could work at a place that looks so complicated. My husband, Jim was born in Everett and grew up there so whenever we go visit his family there, we are always awed with the Boeing place. Thanks Joel for this program…

  • This is great! I was the sign language interpreter for McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis during the 80’s and early 90’s. What a great place it was to work. I am proud of that legacy and since Boeing bought McDonnell Douglas, it would be nice to see all the plants included. There are not nearly as many deaf folks now as there were back then, but they were proud to work for this company.Thank vyou for sharing.

  • Im very impressive with all these deaf employees. Im very pleased that Boeing Company hire deaf people. We have very few employees in GM. Some retired. Wish GM hire more deaf people. What a great feeling and proud to see these deaf employees work at Boeing!

  • I am proud of them , deaf can do anything expect the hear. I have some know friends of mine who works @ Boeing, Everett, WA. Good Jobs!

  • I currently work at Lockheed Martin, it’s a small part of Lockheed so this may be the reason why I have never encountered a Deaf person in our company. I know what it takes to do a job similar to yours. It’s not easy and dangerous at times. It’s awesome, you all do a great job!!

  • Hi there! i am profoundly deaf and have been wondering what positions are available for individuals on Disability? I would love to work for Boeing as my brother works for one in Renton, WA. He says there’s deaf people working there so i’m interested in seeing if i can get in.