In the Mission district of bustling San Francisco lies a very special restaurant. This Italian pizzeria is owned by a Deaf couple, and they make amazing food. Melody and her husband Russ take Joel behind the scenes, where he learns to make a perfect pizza in 90 seconds. If you love food, don’t miss this video!



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  • I am so glad that you went to Mozzeria in San Francico. A friend of mine Jim and I went there last September. Their pizza CHAMP ! The waitress is so friendly and so much effectively communication. It makes me feel more welcome into the Deaf World.

    I strongly recommend other people go to that place ! 😀

    – Dottie Griffith

  • Chef Theo Burke , impressive your unquie show about ” Deaf Owner ” who operational ethical pizzaria. There is not very many deaf chefs who work in varity kind of Culinary or Pastries world.

    Bon Appieit !

  • Russ is a good teacher.

    I can see why Mozzeria is a success. It is the people that make business works. Russ leads the way.

  • wow! It’s very interesting this business for deaf. I know they can do it! It will next me for my major. I hope so 🙂

  • I first went to Mozzeria for an ASL Deaf Event at the recommendation of my professor and now I crave it. GREAT restaurant. Pleasant and personable owners…Russ is funny too. Unique menu makes you want to go back to try everything. Happy 1st Anniversary! It’s great to see that Joel is highlighting the Mozzeria.

  • thank i went mozzeria so great restuarant and i i love it pizza 🙂 thank i enjoy it i went SF

  • Someday later hope this year i will stop by there and eat their best pizza…. i hope they have best pepperoni and Italian sauages and Mozzila cheese…..