Know a lot about airplanes, or curious about learning more? Join Joel Barish as we go on another trip to visit two Deaf crew members at the American Airlines Maintenance Hangar in Fort Worth, Texas. Robert Bond and Michael Boland, both 14-year employees, work daily with huge planes such as the Boeing 757, 767, and 777. Robert is situated in the jet engine shop working on Rolls Royce engines, while Michael focuses on rotors in vertical and horizontal ailerons. Join us as we take a tour of the hangar and some planes, and chat with Deaf people who work in a barrier-free environment.

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  • Wow…awesome to see this deaf A & P crew. My husband, Robert,who is deaf…just completed the Airframe programa the Alabama Aviation Center/Enterprise-Ozark Community College, receiving his AAS next week. He passed his FAA Required Knowledge tests yesterday. He will receive his AAS Degree in Powerplant in December. He has, regularly, been on the Dean’s and President’s list. While he
    writes and reads English well, his speech is not as clear. He is in the process of getting an exemption to the rule CFR 65.71(a)(2) so he can finish the process of
    FAA certification. He will surely be in touch with you guys, as he was delighted to, finally, see that there were OTHER deaf A & P Maintenance Technicians.

  • very interested about this facts how it engine work for any type that they have. Very good showing how its building and how its work safety! Thanks for sharing this video… ALWAYS that Deaf CAN DO IT!