No Barriers visits the Adaptive Sports Center, ASC for short, where deaf instructor Cara Frank works. ASC provides equipment that accommodate people with disabilities that wish to participate in snow sports. Cara shows us a bi-ski as well as a mono-ski, for example, a type of sit ski that has a molded chair. ASC has a large inventory of different equipment intended for different people. To test some of it out, Joel tries a ski-bike, sitting on a seat similar to a bicycle, which took him to a nice speed performing the curves on the slope. Deaf people visit ASC to communicate fluently in ASL with Cara, and to go ice climbing, backcountry skiing, dog sledding, and other activities during the summer. The last part of the video highlights Joel driving a snowcat, an enclosed-cab, fully-tracked vehicle that grooms the snow, looking similar to a bobcat. Crested Butte Mountain Resort provides a training track for people wishing to learn how to drive a snowcat, and Joel tries it out and realizes how fast the snowcat can go.

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