Joel Barish explains about the visa requirement with our passports if we visit certain countries. Having a visa is very important when you travel, or else you may be at risk of running with the law in one of the countries.


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  • Good Tip! Frankly, I used to stay in Dominican Republic for 9 months but overstayed adding 3 months.
    I was in Punta Cana International Airport, DR when I gave my US Passport to the Passport Control Counter
    for my Departure Time. A Female Officer inspected on my US Passport counting the ink-stamps but asked
    me to pay for $100 US for Overstay over 6 months.

    I was polite to decline to take her request before she carried my US Passport and talked to her Inspector inside
    the office while I was waiting at the counter. Inspector and Officer came to listen to me when I explained to
    them about I have no knowledge with the Dominican Immigration Law and paid my One Way Ticket including
    Departure Fees: 1.) Tax and 2.) Airport. nicely.

    They were willing to release my US Passport back to me without last ink-stamp. I arrived my home safely but
    will consider to renew and change my US Passport including blank VISAS pages for Passport Control in DR later.

  • I like to see you travelers all the world I learned some really interesting. But you said VISA for Passport book ? Do u know new card ?

  • Hello Joel!

    Believe it or not, I took your advice about e-visa last year in February. My wife and I went to Turkey for our 20th anniversary. Everything went smoothly! Keep it up with your broadcasting information about travel. Believe me, I always am eager to view several of your clips.