I was given a first-class tour of ancient Rome by Terry Giansanti, the owner of well known Hands On Travel. We got a great treat when we met a fully costumed Deaf Roman gladiator at the Colosseum, and I was also had several other nice surprises; I interviewed Roberto Wirth, the Deaf hotelier of Hotel Hassler, one of the top luxury hotels in the world, and met with a Deaf group who own their own charter boat and yacht business. All in all, the cuisine in Rome was as good as the people I met!

Special Thanks to:
Hands on Travel: handsontvl.com
Hotel Hassler: hotelhasslerroma.com
3D Rewind: 3DRewind.com

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  • Very interesting about the tour of ancient Rome! I’d like to go one day. Heard it’s one of the popular place to visit. I love wine and yacht must be fun. I enjoyed watching your film. 🙂

  • Wow ! I have really enjoyed watching this excellent video reportage about the romantic Roma. Warmest congrats to these successful deaf businessmen in Roma and also to my friend Joel for his wonderful guide talent. I understand that time has been lacked to meet some other great deaf Italians in Roma. Bravo !

  • great job showing my beautiful country italy rome …im sure you ate the best pizza and gelato there bravo ciao

  • I enjoyed to watch video in Rome and wonderful businessmen u met. I am hoping to meet Terry to take me to my grandparents’ birth places.