On Part 2 of 48 Hours With Joel Barish, the group gets another day touring the beautiful city of Seoul.
Come along and visit the Seoul National School for the Deaf, take a look at the offices of the Korea
Tourism Organization, and sit in first class at the headquarters of Asiana Airlines. The day is wrapped
up as Joel gives a presentation at the Seoul Association of the DEAF Youth! Enjoy this second day in
Korea Tourism Organization: visitkorea.or.kr
Asiana Airlines: us.flyasiana.com

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  • That is great for them to gain their rich experience Korea country and also good opportunity to Deaf communities in Korea. Great job Joel in 48 hours.

  • Dear Joel Barish. I watched story about Seoul of school for deaf, did you check high school up of programs for future become a skill hands and jobs. Sometime there had a special organisation for deaf club belong from jobs of different. Because our American deaf very few professional of kind, so much as rumor without their a skill hands of jobs. Important work a skills for deaf future life.Example for deaf what can work: knitting machine, sews machine, electric machine, bake machine, and different without talking can work for deaf. We need looking what can for deaf work nothing there busy of rumor. I wish help for America for deaf work fair hearing. Thank you your cooperation.

  • That’s really awesome by watching all the great 15 winners on video who share their rich experience of fun and learning new things in Seoul, Korea! Great work Joel! =)

  • Hi Everyone and Joel
    WOW! I watched story about that from Korea at SEOUL OF SCHOOL FOR DEAF and showing the airplane too!! Joel is good a JOB in 48 hours!! I wonder asking you when will plan again ! please email me
    Jesus (Bolivar)

  • It’s really amazing to sharing with us about Deaf school. I do agree with you most of Deaf people always travelling and need to know about Deaf school, Deaf clubs and any of kind related to Deaf. It’s most important for us to know what another country having fair agreements no barriers. I am very proud of your showing us. I feel that its like GOLD or Diamond value Deaf culture!! SMILE I wish have KSL cloth. It looks pretty cool. It’s looks wonderful time to learn their cultures.

  • Wow. It´s very beautiful. I am really interested in wstching your great video about the story of Seoul, Korea and I also love the national school for the deaf because at the first time I am surprised to see the training airplanes to learn. Wow. Joel Barish is a good job for 48 hours. Wow. It´s amazing. Thank you for unploading your great video.
    I enjoyed to watch your best video. I hope God Bless you. Greetings. Joel Barish. My name is Donny from Nicaragua.