Got a layover at the airport in Bangkok for a few hours? Don’t wait around for your next flight! Get out and get a taste of Thai culture! Joel and his cinematographer, Bradley met up with tour guides and explored Thailand in only 6 hours! Join them visiting famous Temples, climb up rising and steep steps to get to the top of a Temple, and ride a Taxi in the crazy crowded traffic. Try the Thai cuisine at a local restaurant before heading back to the airport for your next flight! (captioned)

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  • Hey Joel,

    I had been in Bangkok for my community psychology course last summer. The reason Bangkok is so crowded is because over 10 million people lives there. Also a lot of people go to Bangkok for their living. My husband and I will come back visiting our friend’s hometown in South Thailand. She would take us to the private resort where we would be able to swim with dolphins and then visit Deaf school there. Her father is a teacher (not at Deaf School.) Next time you visit Thailand, I suggest you to visit Sumner Temple in Bangkok, it is really beautiful. Thank you for showing!


  • Wat Pho looks so inspiration to me. Now I am going to chase my dream to meet a Buddha lay down as trying to find one. Thank you for your encourage us to see what Thailand can offer.

  • i was wonder if you guys can film on there thailand have their traditional Martial arts, called “Muay Thai” which it is their real culture of fight in ring for honor challenge, next time. it will give you blow out your mind. hahaha j/k