Joel heads down to Johannesburg in South Africa with his trusty tour guide, Olga. Join them shopping at the local markets, then we meet Terence Parkin, renowned Deaflympic and Olympic swimmer, at his home. Terence and his wife, Ingrid makes a famous Afrikaan dish, leaving us full to sleep well throughout the night only to visit St. Vincent’s School for the Deaf, where Ingrid is the principal! Enjoy Joel’s presentation and visit the classrooms! (captioned)

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  • Joel, only if I had more time or have my hands with thumbs twirling, I would definitely view each video as it is so educational and inspiring with the global Deaf. When I saw the video on your list on my birth town Johannesburg, I had to see it!! It was so good to see my old school St. Vincent School for the Deaf. Believe me, I didn’t know that they now have a deaf principal. How wonderful. It was a great show! Well done. Please do keep the videos in the archives for when I will have more time to view many great videos you have created!