Joel Barish and Kurt “Irish Chef” Ramborger talk about Deaf restaurants all over the world. They talk about the difference between America and other countries and how hearing people are more accustomed to gestures in other countries. Joel and Kurt also discuss whether if Deaf people are ready for Deaf cafes or not. The Signs cafe in Toronto stands out in the small amount of Deaf restaurants, having sign language be its main feature. However, the owner and the cooks aren’t Deaf. Joel and Kurt covers Deaf-owned restaurants such as Mozzeria and discusses the various viewpoints on signing menus. (captioned)


  • Its interesting discussion. We do have small cafe “Signs” which was owned by an interpreter and also hired some deaf workers in Pensacola, Florida. I haven’t been there yet but some day I’ll stop by there. It would be nice to have a deaf owner who runs the cafe or restaurant like the one in SF. Keep up good work on video!!

  • I think there is one problem in other countries is the VRS /interpreter service. Hearing head would be more willing to put deaf manager under him if they have a “comfortable”communication.

  • I am looking forward to seeing next grow more Deaf generation successful in their own business restaurant to prove that we can do it. 🙂

  • This is cool ASL on news in the video, need more of like that. Nice to share, thank you, Rod

  • Ok. That’s good great Joel. He was been from California USA but he has it visit with deaf work at restaurant. He is also sweet like a food restaurant. It is other country different food into restaurant.

  • First of all , glad Joel and Kurt bring issue into culinary world. To my 28 years experiences as Pastry Chef on few location .. Agree with Kurt’s comment. Two important key to accomplishment own an restaurant is hard ! Because , cost for small or big kitchen on many location. In fact 9 out of 10 are out of business. Due of failed management or location ! So best way is get enough support and money could provide at top notch services to community. Hope this help you understanding of real culinary world.

  • Joel, you for got to mention about a cafe in Prague or somewhere in Europe that they have deaf cafe with sign menu. I look next video to discuss about it.

  • That’s good, I have work at my brother’s own restaurant. I am deaf but I am left cochlear. I have hard work in the restaurant and I like this kitchen.
    Do you like mexican food?