On Monday, February 9th, the legislators at the State Capitol discussed about the possibility of selling part or all of the Texas School for the Deaf to fund tens of millions of dollars in pressing maintenance needs. Joel Barish sat down with Claire Bugen, the superintendent of TSD for in-depth interview about the unexpected proposal. (captioned)


  • i like to keep TSD. I love to love the real history pictures at 159 years. Wow. I was TSD on 1962-1968. I Hope that I pray for TSD. Please, save TSD. My blessing. Thank you

  • It reminds me about Avatar movie. The Avatar gives a story about blue people, who fight against Human of people, who want to get a raw materials for company. The soldiers destroy the tree like as Deaf school because they want to get the raw material.

  • Another bad idea to move the campus is that if TSD moves, the families with day students, the teachers, and the staff have to move, too. What about our spouses that have jobs in Austin. What about the hearing siblings that loves their schools here, too? Austin is very Deaf friendly place and a lot of hearing people here in Austin knows basic signs and are friendly with us. So, we can’t allow this to uproot us from this place.

    Talk to your Senators, Representatives, and key political people in your area. Approach them in a diplomatic and positive way. Impress them with facts and positive stories on why you cherish TSD and Austin. Win their hearts.

    Parents, Alumnus, Friends, Relatives, Supporters, Communities, Businesses, and Neighbors can all work together and make good impression that TSD is here to stay.

    We love TSD, Austin and the Deaf Community here!

    Proud Parents,

    RG and Susie

  • I am very shocked that the land was much more valuable than the School for the Deaf children – moving school is simply a stupid and massive mistake ! I know there is a Deaf lawyer working under Obama the president of USA – could you get in touch with this lawyer to get a better and strong support along with many of you the staff – teachers – parents and the ex-students who are now adults, ? My English is not that marvellous but i am sure you know what i mean….Why do we have to grovel to those who wanted money? Deaf children are far more important than money at present – their education will be valuable not only for now but for the future. Wishing you sincerely all the best to fight and win your right to keep this school.

  • Same thing in Knoxville , TN They want to buy out TSD but we do fight them not sell bec the land is 3 Billion dollars so they refuse to Sell them as keep for our deaf student and publics, too . They cheat the business bec they can spend the money themselves . We don’t trust them

  • Hi I am glad to watch video what Supt Claire Burgen shared about our cherished TSD History. That really shocked me unexpection for State and Legislation want our TSD moved out and no way we want to save our TSD Campus period that soon be 160 anniversary next year as we are looking forward to save our deaf and hard of hearing children stay at TSD period. I am member of TSDAA and always enjoyed go to Austin for our annual Homecoming Football Game and enjoyed to see old and new friends that very important to save our history since 1856 as I graduated there in 1959 we had a wonderful teacher, trade, sports etc. So that will be wasting the money to move start over new building no way. We have to fight save our TSD Campus for our cherished memories. So please Let’s pray hard ask God control to save our best country in Texas School for the Deaf forever…Need speak out to State and Legislation to save our cherished TSD period. Pray about this over don’t allow down in our TSD Cherished…Thanks Dorothy Floyd Midland

  • Hope TSD will remain there forever. No more another “Fremont” where UCB took over original CSD campus. Deaf people are being easily targeted by powerful folks. Lawmakers use “maintenance deficiency” for the fine school as a scapegoat. Money is root of evil in their true agenda.

    Keep TSD in downtown Austin!!!!!!!

  • I graduated from TSD in 1968. I am concerned about the cost of education as well as programs. If TSD is to be sold, I feel sorry for local cities to have to pay extra cost of ASL interpreters for TSD students in their new schools as well as extra cost of special programs for special needs. TSD provides everything with less cost. I wonder about 4 different sites — east campus, west campus and north campus? I recalled one for the blind, one for American-black (I assume it is now closed) and one for whatever.. and one for Deaf. Are they considering to sell all four campuses??? Please feel free to correct.

  • Most of my siblings are DEAF ancestors from late 1800’s. I am extremely disgusted with the way the State Government trying to eliminate the schools for Deaf, just because it cost them to support or allot any expenses toward the children’s education. Let’s think about this main reason, WHY do we have thousands of schools set up for hearing children all over, and I am definitely sure that they are expensive to keep running. In each state, we have thousands of new buildings to expand the children population, AND, we only have just ONE, I mean only one school for deaf children in most of the states. So I reckon that we Deaf are just a piece of minority, and not worthy? I just happened to be deaf when I was sick with a meningitis, which was not my fault. Being in a school for Deaf during my childhood, made me an equally fitted to live like any one. Please consider our NEEDS and improve our lives, AND keep the school. For years I am a registered voter, and a patriot who loves AMERICA. Remember, the planet was not created for only Hearing people. Thanks for listening.. Peggy/Fort Worth,TX.

  • Then why does the government keep spending billions dollars on cochlear implants and mainstreaming schools for years and they are ineffective? Tell your local representatives. They need to stop spending for silly reasons. Deaf schools including TSD are the top priority. They really CAN NOT/NEGLECT ignore DEAFIES’ needs. Keep our DEAF schools alive!!! TSD is very unique!!! Godspeed.

  • Bugen needs to go! Senator Whitmire said it was Bugen’s idea to sell some of TSD property that caused the stir! Bugen will always be smooth with her words to defend and protect herself! Bye bye Bugen. Save TSD, not Bugen.