MDI hosted in Las Vegas during DeafNation World Expo on July 23, 2010.


  • I was very impressed there is Miss Deaf International contest for young deaf women. I am very happy that deaf women can have their dream come true that they can join this contest. I think it’s wonderful experience for young deaf women! Good program! It is fantastic!

  • Wow, I was very impressed there is Miss Deaf International and I know that Deaf women can have their dream come true… come on they can join this contest! It is fantastic! I’m very proud of their Miss Deaf women all so beautiful country. Congratulation, Miss Deaf women France! 🙂

  • It is awesome, excellent role model for the deaf community and the world. I am far impressed that IRAN came, and all over the world. I applaud all of them. I hope to see more to come world wide.

  • Congratulation,Miss Deaf Internation 2010 women from in France!!!! I know for party from the World for the Deaf Woman in country the World a beautiful all good over….. Come on they can join this contest!
    I would like for woman in country from in the USA “Miss Deaf International”
    Very a nice:)))))

  • As a hearing person, this was so beautiful to see and experience….is it wrong to say I teared up a little at the video?

  • France Wow! Beautiful! Our first ASL was brought by our first Deaf teacher from France…That Girl came to America from France and won. I am sure Laurent Clerc is proud that our ASL/FSL stay stronger.

  • its interesting.. very very good for deaf people to get the award for miss deaf international. congrats to france girl. her sign lang are different.. ppls in different countries has different sign languges. its their deafness culture.. its good that deaf ppls can help. they can do it 🙂 i was in pageant once long time ago. its was interesting when deaf can do it as in pageant or going to deaf international to win the award. its really inspiring for deaf people can do it in pageant or anything what they want to be:) congrats to everyone:) smile. i loved it but good video for deaf people , its inspiring! 🙂