Joel visits King’s Hookah Lounge in Portland, Oregon, owned by Deaf man Raed Dear. Hungry for a taste of his homeland Jordan, he decides to open a Hookah Lounge that has been successfully operating since 2007. Enjoy the flavors of his lounge as Joel takes you on a tour!

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  • Usually the show “No Barriers with Joel Barish” features the more common things, but this video about Raed from Jordan owning a Hookah lounge is unique. Joel’s vision of featuring the different cultures in ASL brings us to the reality of the world of cultures, the diversity of them. Joel wasn’t promoting smoking, but featuring the different cultures people live in and even bring to America. In some instances, some people go back to their home country to embrace and taste their home culture again, but in this instance Raed brought his Jordanian culture of Hookah lounges into Portland, Oregon for people to relax in and experience a taste of Middle Eastern culture.

    By the way, I was surprised to see the “Shaq” visiting his Hookah lounge. If it wasn’t for Joel’s video, I would never know this interesting tidbit.

  • I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I had NO idea this place was in Portland! I live in the Portland area and will make SURE that I visit! The hummus looks AMAZING!! Thanks so much Joel for visiting Raed and posting about this wonderful business!!


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