LAVOSI is a school founded by a deaf man with a dream to help educate deaf children in Guatemala. It operates by donations alone. This is the only deaf school in Guatemala, and is not supported by the government. In this video, Joel brings your DeafNation Foundation donations to them, and shows you a peek of their daily lives as well.


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  • Many Thanks to DeafNation Foundation; Joel, also who give the donors with us! Our LAVOSI school for the Deaf made so happy! Great video! Thank you so much blessing!

  • Thank you very much for your support DeafNation!
    Joel I liked the video and it shows the people of the world, I’m proud of you.
    Thank you again.
    Congratulations LAVOSI

  • Soy Fabian de Argentina,me pone contento ver a los niños felices gracias a las donaciones de la Fundacion DeafNation.
    Lo felicito a Joel por tu gran labor humanitaria.saludos desde Argentina

    I’m Fabian from Argentina, makes me happy to see the children happy by donations from the Foundation DeafNation.

    I congratulate you for your great work Joel humanitaria.saludos from Argentina

  • JOEL hello good night, I really welcome an overnight joel proud to Antigua, Guatemala to support many thanks for supporting deaf LAVOSI DeafNation friends I love you joel world always God bless your love life GUATEMALA m / _


  • I get inspired by this so I want to donate something for LAVOSI. Since they need more school supplies, I decide to run for London marathon to raise the funds for them. So how can I start something like this?

  • WOW Como me imagino si yo estuviera vivido en este lugar LAVOSI escuela de sordos. Yo soy Original Salvadoreno vivo aqui en EEUU. Tambien Soy professor de futbol Como Fuerza entrenamiento professional de futbol con LICENSIA A+. Trabajo con ninos/ninas de varios edades. Me gustaria Visitar alguin dia en tu tierra bella como te dijo el sueno viene real de la puerta abierta para los ninos y sus trabajos por ejemplo en guatemala la gente le gustan el futbol como famosos de liga son Mmunicipal y Communicasiones desde tradiccion la competencia. Alguin dia si dios me da esperanza visitarlos para poder ayudarle como fundasion y poder mejorar jugadores fuertes porque como veo los ninos/as tienen igual de gente oyentes solo un punto no entienden su cultura como somos nosotros. Los amo hermanitos/hermanitas de guatemala VIVA GUATEMALA!!! SALUDOS

    WOW very imagine if i live in deaf school LAVOSI. My nationality from El Salvador but i raise to United State. Right now i am teacher for soccer like Trainer for license A+. I working with children any ages for soccer leagues. I would like to visit your beautiful country antigua for teach your children go their door for work and success your education. Education come first. I love watching your show so beautiful i cant imagine it. I know Guatemala people love soccer i would like these kids going to professional or going to work for good life.

  • I just wanted to “thank you” for sharing this amazing video for LAVOSI; it is so very touching, and has blessed my heart! I have sponsored a “hearing child” from Guatemala via Children International for the past 11 years, so just seeing the word “Guatemala” caught my attention immediately. As for LAVOSI, I had no idea that this school was even in existence; it is absolutely magnificent. this evening as I watched this video, I was able to travel throughout Guatemala for the first time, and see things that I have only talked about with my child since she was 7-years-old. I am a “hearing person”, however I have been “learning and signing” through musical performances since 1999. I found out about DeafNation via an email, and have registered for the tours when ever they come to my area. My child from Guatemala will be leaving the program very soon, and I have been contemplating either sponsoring another child, OR looking for opportunities to be a “blessing” through outreach/support in another venue. WOW, LAVOSI has truly caught my undivided attention, and I will be following this school’s progress very closely. This video was “so full of life and vigor”, I felt like I was there with the students, teachers and their families. I LOVED THE BACKPACKS AND GYM UNIFORMS…NICE GIFTS, and they deserve them, too! God bless this “young man with a vision”, and all that DeafNation Foundation and other contributors do to “make his vision a great reality”.

  • Wow, I don’t know Guatemala have other deaf school set. This is very nice. I wish to be there for help to people because i was born in Guatemala.
    Thank you help Guatemala and you make me feeling better. I am proud of you help 🙂

  • The commitment of Alvaro is wonderful, he has his whole heart (corazon) in his
    mision to make better the lives of deaf people in Guatemala. I would like to
    help LAVOSI in any way I can. Thank you, Peter Brown in San Juan del Obispo,
    Antigua, Guatemala

  • Thank you DeafNation and Joel for keeping this wonderful video on your website. I send the link to anyone who has an interest in helping this independent deaf school near the old capitol of Antigua. I visited LAVOSI last May with Gallaudet MSW students and hope to visit again in 2014. Alvaro and his family are dedicated to ensuring the 23 students have a bi-lingual education. Best wishes to LAVOSI in their new location in Jocotenango. If you are visiting Guatemala, contact Alvaro at to see if you might volunteer or donate what they might need, such as computer printers and laptops. — Barbara White, Professor, Department of Social Work, Gallaudet University