Henri Corderoy Du Tiers, well known as Deaf Pilot leader around the world brings Joel to the small airport in the Brie Region. He brings his pilot student and explains his experience in airlines industry. Joel has a chance to fly with his ultra plane.

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  • Myself a 9 year long deaf Private Pilot from Boring, OR. was on the front cover of the Deaf Life Magazine under the title of “Deaf Pilot Takes Off” September 1990 edition. Logged over 1,000 landings in various aircrafts such as Cessna 152, 172, 172XP, 182 and 182RG. Started training in multiengine, however my passion in flying bankrupted me in 1996 and had to quit flying and change course of my lifestyle. I attended the Deaf Pilots Association’s First Annual Fly-IN in Knoxville, Tenn. Where I showed up and covered it for the Community Ear a deaf newspaper as deaf reporter. I remember meeting this deaf France pilot at the fly-in. It was big heart breaking to leave aviation world back then. Now I’m comfortable finacially and still afraid to go back into flying again as the flying costs has tripled in America since what my old days of flying was. Sinceerely, Bruce