Joel will take you through Northern Thailand as he embraces dangerous animals, learns to live off the land, and meets successful Deaf business owners. Visit the Tiger Kingdom and see the playful side of tigers, and bathe with enormous Elephants in the Golden Triangle as Joel puts his life at the mercy of these animals. No Barriers also shows Deaf Thai people who have broken down barriers to own their own businesses including a large bottled water factory owned by a Deaf man, and a farmer that grows corn and raises boar. See Long Necked natives, and enter a day in the life of the Akha Tribe and see how they live off the land. Joel wraps up his trip with the Hill Tribe Chiang Mai Children’s Shelter Foundation and where he takes deaf children shopping with money raised through the DeafNation Foundation. All this and more in the latest action-packed video of No Barriers!

Special Thanks to Tourism Authority of Thailand

Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation

Anantara Golden Triangle Resort & Spa

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  • Thank you for sharing video of Northern Thailand. It was so amazed that lots of deaf people live there. I would love to visit there!

    Tish Randolph
    Vancouver, Washington

  • I’m a big fan of your all videos. I really enjoyed watching this video and see how wonderful those deaf people can do as same as hearing people do. Keep up good work!
    By the way, I do remember you since you were my classmate in television production class at Gally.

  • Awesome! I was laughing so hard to see the big elephant splashing water at the bald guy who was trying to video of you lol You had a good laugh. What a mellow elephants! Boar birth to 16 babies WOW! That’s A LOT… How cute of young boys from the Shelter approaching you when you arrived there and took them to shopping for their needs and enjoy eat. They look very happy & thank to the DeafNation Foundation that you have given them with a big heart. Great experience for you! =)

  • Love this video! Oh those beautiful tigers…I wanna pet them badly! Hats off to those deaf business owners. I laughed at the way you did with the elephant and it made my day!!

  • My priority visit a Tiger Kingdom place Chiang Mai, Thailand for my next vacation. Glad, you share your experience with us to help us network to visit those Deaf people.

    You make my day because it melt my heart to see so beautiful and adorable tigers. It made me smile and desire to visit those tigers. 🙂

    We are very fortunately to have you to establish the DeafNation for the Deaf Community.

  • Love this video. Love to have Tiger Kingldom. Thanks for information. You did great job and those peope are happy. Someday we hope to visit Thailand some day. Enjoy this video.

  • I love travel in Thailand many time. Thank you of your all video in sharing us. I really proud for Joel is traveling of Thailand

    excellence video

    Bronx, New York

  • that great tourist in Northern Thailand been wonderful experience yourself. keep it up represented showing…

  • Fascinating video! It was fun to watch you travel through your journey! So cute with tigers, so funny with elephants! Amazing! Bet your legs were very sore afterward? 🙂 . Its inspiring to see deaf people with full of joy in life and business owners pursued their dreams. Great work Joel in discovering the gems in world! Keep them coming! 🙂

  • I love your videos and so appreciative of seeing and learning about the deaf world in Thailand. I am profoundly deaf and an advocate for asian elephants. I was rather dismayed to see clear signs of abuse at Anantara Golden Triangle in your video. Next time, if you do go back, visit an elephant camp that’s far kinder to captive working elephants such as Elephant Nature Park or Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary.

  • Y’all DEAFNATION STAFFS the awesome for wonderful donation for deaf shelter! they’ll not forget you guys! 🙂 yet videos so amazing experience!!!

  • I was so awe about how you did to the kids! I wish that I coud see the hotel in the opium city as you stated, if you got the video it will be awesome, if not no worry I will be able to reserach it. Keep on the work and your show is bit better than Globetrekkers or Rick Steves because you showed more contact with deaf and thier culture!


    In Thailand, VERY INTERESTING-NESLYŠÍCÍ.SKVĚLÁ WORKS ON VIDEO! DEAF awareness of the world in Thailand, really proud of JOEL is traveling. I like VÁM.JSEM THANKS FROM PRAGUE,