When you’re in Bohol, be sure to visit the beautiful Dao Diamond Hotel, where nearly every staff from the valet, to the front desk, or even in the restaurant are either Deaf or can sign. Made possible through the IDEA foundation, dozens of Deaf employees run every aspect of the hotel, including creating the artwork and construction, building a stunning new meaning to what a “Deaf-friendly” hotel really can be.
For more information, visit www.ideadeaf.org.

Thanks to ZVRS for making our Around The World 3 trip possible with their sponsorship.


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  • Hi Joel Barish. wow beautiful dao diamond hotel . my friend pastor Cesar Castro . He knew all Deaf Friends. Thank u for show me u know Jesus Loves u Forever God blessing u 🙂 . C.C.

  • 5 star hotel and should get award for best local hotel. we will plan to visit dao diamond hotel in the future.

  • Thanks for featuring us and our website. We look forward to seeing you all in Bohol Soon. Remember, when you stay at Dao Diamond you will be helping IDEA Deaf with their mission to help the deaf children of Bohol. Dao Diamond Webmaster