Tag along as Joel goes shopping at the Indian street markets in Kolkata. While
shopping, Joel discovers a pleasant surprise; a Deaf vendor, Gopal Paul who has run
his own stall selling potatoes and onions for three years. Learn about the life of a potato
vendor and how he makes his living in the markets!
Thanks to ZVRS for making our Around The World 3 trip possible with their
sponsorship, and to Arcteryx for keeping us warm with their winter gear!

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  • “Nothing is just potatoes to Joel Barish”

    Great closing statement to vendor by Joel. It proves Joel is able to connect with anybody around the world and he understands their cultures. He knows what they are saying, their responses to Joel’s questions. After years of travel to other countries, he has taken each culture making them a part of him. Nothing is alien to Joel anymore, I can put on an out-of-this-world clothing outfit and Joel would give its’ history. Nothing is just potatoes to him, but it is about the people, the culture, and the relationship DeafNation has created with the natives.

    Relieved he didn’t have to learn how to peel all those potatoes? (heh)