We travel with Joel and Maged on a boat headed to Edfu, a city located west of the Nile River next to Aswan. We meet and join a Deaf local and visit his home. This local welcomes us into his house and cooks us a fantastic meal! We get to see how they prepare their fish… from the cleaning to cooking! In the home, their ovens are made out of mud and hay but they don’t fail to disappoint! M. Ramadan, the local, is a fisherman with a life of shortage and low electricity… he shows us what he has that makes a simple, fulfilling life. The children we had the chance to interact with here in Edfu is by far the happiest group of kids! After the meal with the locals, Joel heads to another city.  (captioned)

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  • Joel, I agree with you that those children are happy to be in your video as if they have hit the Hollywood moment. So sweet!! Now I’m sure that M. Ramadan seems to become a local celebrity. He deserves it so thanks to you! 🙂

  • wow i see all different foods and nice place neat i really enjoy see video and learn different sign languages and many place wow 🙂