• I KISS-FIST John, he’s my hero! He did a great job for a first show. Everything in this show was awesome but can I make a suggestion that this show may would want to work on newer and fresher deaf funny stories. An elevator story is an old tale. I want something I have never thought of or never heard of. I submit this to challenge you! My hat off to all of you, especially deafnation.com whom produced this show!

  • Fabulous! I rather to enjoy your show on computer than watching some primetime show on TV with fireplace. Elevator jokes is new to deep south especially small towns anywhere. Need a sign like logo for your show. Amazing show!

  • Keep it up. Looks great overall, you’ve got my high five! You’ve worked hard all these years, John. Now it’s time for you get bigger in the show biz of the deaf. I met you twice, interviewed you as deaf reporter on being the first deaf guy in the PlayGirl Magazine, at the Knoxville Tenn during the Miss Deaf America Pagent and another time here in Portland, Oregon at the Deaf Expo some 4 or 5 years ago.