What is one of the leading causes of death among Americans? Heart attack caused by heart disease. Sabrina Valencia explains in depth how heart attack happens and how we can prevent them. You may want to think twice before reaching out for that doughnut! (captioned)


  • Sabrina, yes I agree with you that processed foods, food additives and stress can cause heart attack. Are you drinking the Kangen “Alkaline” Water today? Kangen Water is ionized, but it’s not only filtered and Kangen Water is faster for “hydration.”

  • I work at nighttime from 11pm to 7am at the hospital housekeeping. I notice when I eat at work I gain weight so I have to stop eat so late I have to wait to come home so I eat the cereal I lose a little not much

  • Thank You for your very important information About Health issues. I would love to watch you the show. Keep up good the work. 🙂

  • I really liked your presentation on the heart, its function, and heart attack. I don’t like to be the bearer of “bad news” but the model you gave is outdated. It is still “good” information. Please discuss with a doctor how the blood test called the C-Reactive Protein as it relates to a MI. The idea now is that there is a crack (an injury) in the inner layer of the coronary artery that grainucytes ?? (platelets) and leukocytes (white blood cells) rush off to patch up crack. The idea is that maybe the plague in the artery can cause this injury but it’s our own body that is putting us in danger. There is one symptom that should really be stressed, the feeling of impending doom. That’s what got me to the hospital stat. But of all things, the EKG and blood tests did NOT show the MI, until they redid my 12-lead EKG later. When at the hospital, make sure they are checking you on ALL EKG leads and it doesn’t always show up in all of them. You may wonder why I consider myself an ‘expert’ at this. I lived through a major MI (the LAD was 90% blocked another part of the left side was 100$ blocked). This happened 7 years 2 months ago. I live with 6 stents, 4 CAGBs (bypass), and other heart damage. The worst thing was 2 of the CABGs went sour on me and required 2 of the 6 Enough of my rambling….

  • Can you share everyone about what time should to eat dinner time before go to bedtime ? Or what is best offer to between eat and bedtime ?