December 3, 2013
Signing Santa Claus at Barton Creek Square Mall in Austin, Texas


  • Joel,
    I’ve been to Tunisia twice and enjoyed both visits, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to meet and socialize with Deaf Tunisia friends except my 2nd visit, with a help of my hearing friend from Tunis, we found a deaf school in Soussa, about one and half hrs from Tunis. Fortunately, the school opened on Saturday. Visited the school and met older students, who led us to a coffee place where deaf friends met and socialized on regularly. I got very little info on their deaf community because of language barrier. None of them knew ASL and I don’t know their sign language. It was very difficult and frustrating for me. Thus 99% of my time in Tunisia I visited historical places, markets in several cities so I was on the road a lot.

    Now you are there in Tunisia, I’m assured that you will bring a lot more info on Tunisia’s deaf community and Tunisia cultures. Am looking forward to learning more about the deaf community and its culture. I know I’ll go back visiting again one day in the near future since I still have hearing friends in Tunis. I’ll be more at ease, hopefully, I’ll know who to contact and where to go to meet deaf friends etc. Thank you so much! Have a great time and safe trip back home. Send Tunisia my warm regards.