Imagine riding a motorcycle with a sidecar on a road trip of several thousand miles, all the way from North Carolina to Alaska! That is what Sharon Hayes of Wilmington, North Carolina, did, and Joel interviews her about her experiences on the road. She rode in a sidecar with her husband, taking in the sights of the American countryside. Sharon is also the director of the Video Relay Service Consumer Association, and Joel asks her a few informative questions about VRSCA.


  • Great video, I have known Sharon Hayes since Gallaudet, highly respected woman. A lot of stuff about FCC very important and I am glad you place this on video. Thank you Joel Globetrotter.

  • Awesome to know that Sharon rides in a sidecar with her husband! I am a motorcycle rider, too, and I have a sidecar in which my children rides in. My husband and I go on rides often. Too bad that I live in California so far from North Carolina where Sharon lives or we could go riding together!

  • Cool video of course and very informative regarding VRSCA. One thing that is missing however is captions and maybe even a voice over to make it accessible to all: Coda; the hearing…, etc. Received comments that is was too bad that it was not accessible to the hearing world as they are very interested to how we lead our lifes. Don’t we want to spread our gospel as a “can do” cultural deaf society?

  • Great Video! I enjoyed every minute of the video. You had provided a lot of stuff about VRSCA and FCC. I work at a relay provider as a customer service representative and I deal with 10-digit numbers a lot! Enjoy your ride!

  • This is Susielawatie am deaf from Malaysia. Great Video best best. I true like watch to Video about VRSCA and FCC. I enjoy everyday minute of the video VRSCA. i very love with ride because i very hobbies adventure. I work at DTP Desinger as media advertisting and etc.. Thank you. Best….enjoy your ride lot!!..

  • This was a GREAT video of Sharon Hayes!! I truly enjoyed watching her and her greatest adventures with her husband. I used to work with Sharon at Student Life Housing Department when I was a student at Gallaudet University years ago! I had the pleasure working with her as my supervisor. Those were my best years at Gallaudet!! Sharon is a highly respected person in the Deaf community and very knowledgable about FCC etc….Sharon, you look fabulous! My husband and I will plan a trip to NC someday soon and we will be sure to stop by for a visit!! Keep up with your wonderful adventures!

  • Hi Sharon Hayes , no see you long time. Its great to watch you with Joel. I agree with you as great. Anyway wow you said you will go to Newfoundland this summer. Me too we will take rental rv from Maryland to Newfoundland(include ferry boat) I advice you if you know or not many many people never heard that small town it calls St. Pierre et Miquilion(spell) own by France and require passport not card. Its south of Newfoundland . Keep in touch. Hugs Jeff and family

  • FYI….we did travel to Newfoundland this summer. We left during the first week of June and had a wonderful trip on the motorcycle/sidecar. It was cold and raining most of the time but we had a blast. Saw icebergs in St. Anthony and the Viking settlement. Newfoundland people are warm & friendly. We plan to go back there again in July/August when it is warmer someday. We’re glad you enjoyed the video!