Peggy Ann St. John Wenger and Joel Barish talk about roasting coffee beans using both Gene Café Roaster and Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle. You will be surprised how easy it is to roast your own coffee beans at home!

More information about the equipment:
Gene Café Roaster


  • what brand own coffee machine? any beans coffee from store or follow instruction coffee list? by the way i like your coffee cup

  • Hi Joel

    I watched your on video about coffee machine. You said order it from South Korean. What is store name ? Website ? I love coffee organic

    It is hien. I am deaf.

  • I notice you don’t add sugar you prefer black coffee than add milk? Also you prefer coffee over Espresso? I like drink cold coffee because I easy sweat but strange I don’t sweat hot tea I don’t add sugar on tea but I add sugar on coffee Should I start drink without sugar on coffee? Also whats website for that machine I would like to check out and might order one for myself. 🙂 thanks for great video of your journey with coffee and all of your travels. I always enjoy watch all of your video all over the world. 🙂

  • Hi everyone! Please look above video summary and click those links for those cool equipment. Cheers! Joel

  • Gene Café Roaster products on my wish list… glad to see this came out into a small machine….