Working in the West Wing, the same wing as the President living quarters, Leah Katz-Hernandez is the receptionist and welcomes all sorts of guests visiting the President. She gives those guests a positive Deaf experience, and from the experience, those guests learn more about Deaf people. In this video, Leah explains to Joel and viewers exactly how she got her position, what her position is, why she’s there, and more. She also gives us a small tour to some rooms in the White House. Bonus! (captioned)


  • Wow that’s interesting to see a Deaf Leah can work for Mr. President. Wonder does he learn signing language? I’m proud for her. Good job, Leah. Was this your first time to see the White House, Joel? It’s cool see inside of White House. Many old history photos etc.

  • I am deaf owner cleaning services since 8 year . Hope see you on video where in Georgia.

  • thank you for sharing this information! I am so delightful to know about deaf history, especially displaying at the White House!

  • Deaf West Wing Receptionist in the White House, This one is the best example to show to the hearing people in this world, we DEAF MEN and WOMEN can do just about anything else…. I am for one speechless and so proud of her to finally show the world we can do it, hoooray for her! Many thanks for your outcome, keep it up. Cheers.