Samuel Deshautels, a Deaf champagne vineyard owner in Le Mesnil, France shows how he manages his vineyard. Samuel also explains the process of producing champagne, starting from the vineyard and concluding at the factory where champagne is bottled.


  • A great wonderful to Samulel as a deaf champagne vineyard owner in Le Mesnil, France. A great thank you for your good explained the process of producing Champagne and Vineyyard, factory.

  • I wanted to say Thank for sharing about your business about Champagne Vineyard Deaf Owner. I am proud because I am deaf myself too and Hope one day I can come and visit your vineyard…I will share with everyone about this…Keep up with your successful business…Have a great year!

  • Thank you for sharing. It was marvellous to watch how the champagne was made. I hope to visit Samuel Deshautels’ vineyard when I am in Reims in the near future