Joel travels to Gridwood, Alaska to team up with Alpine Air for a helicopter ride to some of the most
beautiful glaciers in Alaska. Ride over the Alaskan tree tops, valleys, and lakes as you see mountain
goats and black bears in nature. Get a stunning view of the natural beauty of Alaska from up above
and up close, on this majestic No Barriers With Joel Barish episode!
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  • so great you get there ice mountion on top of near water….. that true of water slow and longer time keep fresh as possible than bottle most of one year lousy taste. that fresh water keep long time of billon year or less of million year of water i guess.. thank god u safe arrive land hahahaha good night bye leith

  • Hi Joel, Lucky you went to Alaska it looks so beautiful there We will go there next 2 summer… By the way I am so curious what kind of camera you use to the alaska colony land its small size right and movie too. i have one but my wife dislike one but i think its good…. thanks Jeff D.