Know the hype about the Deaf Chef who made it onto Chopped? The guy in the photo with knives in between his fingers? This guy has been an inspiration to the Deaf community, Kurt Ramborger! Joel goes into Kurt’s kitchen and we get to meet him at work. Joel joins Kurt at making a dish, and see how it turns out to be based on Joel’s taste buds! We get this chance to learn about Kurt and his background. See how there aren’t any barriers! (captioned)


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  • Barish brahs and DeafNation, tank’eh fer beautiful interview! I would like to add, my sister’s name is Heidi Branch. Been pleasure hath ye both came to our Marakesh Cafe! Hope I still continue inspirin’ being the role model fer our future aspiring Deaf to become a Chef!
    Chef yer,
    Kurt the IRISH chef

  • Way to go, Kurt! 🙂 by the way, I’ll always remembering you. Never know, you’ll catering one of my occasions in Hawaii 🙂

  • Kurt the Irish Chef is an inspiring everyone who want to cooking like him. that is good example for role model, I support him all the way, my hat off to him! DEAF CAN DO ANYTHING! RIGHT !

  • Wow amazing video. i gonna to catch it again. your signing too fast! ha. Great job. good luck on chef cooking..