Joel makes his way up to Alaska’s Kenai River, where king salmon are abundantly found. He
meets up with Deaf river guide Dean Schlehofer, owner of the King of the River guide company.
Spend the day on the Kenai with Joel and Dean,  learn about what it’s like running a fishing
guide company, and see if Joel has any luck fishing as Joel is King for a day!
Visit and plan your own fishing expedition with Dean!


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  • I have a question. At the end of this video, I saw the fish was in the river after Dean cut it. I wonder why?

  • I’m so proud of Dean and his good life in Alaska. I know him and his older sister very well because we all went to the same school together. He really loves wildlife. He’s the most fortunate to snag a job as fishing guide tour. It’s great to see him in the video since I hadn’t seen him in a long time considering we are approx. 5k miles apart.
    If any Deaf is planning to go on the vacation to Alaska, please be sure to visit Dean and his tour guide to support Deaf own businesses.
    Funny thing is I still never master to spell Dean’s last name for years and years even though his sister and I were classmates, haha!
    Anyway, Dean, I’m so proud of you! Have a great life!