Joel Barish wakes up at 5 am, where the sun is still shining early in the morning at the Homer Spit in Alaska. A full 5-hour drive from Anchorage, Joel joins a halibut fishing boat and tries his luck with the fishing pole. Watch as Joel catches two halibuts, and heads back to the Coal Point Trading Company where his fish are cleaned, processed, sealed, and frozen to be shipped back home. Seafood doesn’t get any fresher than right off the boat! For more information on fishing in Alaska, visit


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  • did u send ur fish to ur dad and was your dad so shocked that u send him surpirise??? i hope that he loves ur fish…

  • i was remember long time last in 1992 never forgot i did many time in homer split, i did got fishing halibut and i did eat very good during cook sometime. i miss in Alaska because former live in for 20 years experience life different than lower 48 state. back to Los Angeles long time here. i love it summer good for myself it wonderful..

  • Nice to see your action. You bait some large fishes. You saved them so you and your family will eat them in your home later. Yeah, Some fancy and casual restaurants served some costly fishes in some majaor cities in United States from Alaska.

  • Awesome video for your halibut fishing experience! I love Halibut! I know you love seafood is the number one in the world. Thanks for sharing. =)


    HELLO EVERYONE! AMAZING WEBSITE YOU. VIDEO FEATURE INTERESTING. Love to watch videos! Thank you very much!!!

  • Hello
    I am very interessing to watch your trip in Homer and in Borrow .
    When i was young in the farm in Quebec from Canada, i go to fishing often for medium size halibut more small that your picked some . I wish go to Alaska some day.
    thanks for the video very nice.
    Michel Cyr

  • My daughter and I watched this video and she loved this one! We had a lot to discuss about the process of fishing your own food. how fun! Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Hi Joel, you told us while you were visiting your parents in Surprise, AZ about the halibut you caught. Now Merle and I were able to watch you in action and see how it was all done. Interesting! Your parents told us they couldn’t wait to eat it.

  • Hi Joel,

    What did your Dad react when he received the package from Homer, AK ? I am sure that you and your family did eat the dinner. 🙂

    I enjoyed to watch the video, love to view the beautiful mountains with snow.

  • Great to see your travel to Alaska. You gain experience in Ak and got lots of fishes. I am sure your family will love it.Suggest you try to use old bay power on top of it (fish and grill it. It tastes too good. Did you get some of GOLD and what is karat like 22 or 24. I am just wonder!!! smile
    Enjoy to travel in AK.

  • Hi I used working there at Homer Spit at Seward Fisheries summer of 1979, summer of 1980 and 7 months 1983. i misse there and some friends too.

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