Joel goes to the historic Glen Ivy spa ( in Corona, California, just one hour outside of Los Angeles. Where Indians used to relax in the natural hot springs, Californians now gather to relax and detox. Joel starts his day with an organic lunch before taking a dip in the pool and spa fed with water from the springs. He then covers himself in red clay for a mud bath, and cleanses his pores in the underground grotto with a coconut milk mixture. Watch and enjoy as Joel slowly unwinds in one of the best natural spas in Southern California!


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  • Many thanks for sharing! I used to live here, Los Angeles and Riveside but I never know about Glen Ivy Spa. I hope I will go there soon. Jay

  • I will go there in the Summer. It’ll be fun and relaxing day for me soon. I’m glad you went there. 🙂

  • Joel, thanks for sharing your experience. Looks like you had a great time! Enjoyed your smiles and pictures. We heard that you were out for a visit, but I was inside providing treatments.