Check out our latest video starring amateur MMA fighter, Garrett Scott. Train along with Garrett and find out how he trains everyday… HARD! Watch his fight and the aftermath. Does he win? Watch to see! (captioned)


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  • Wow! I don’t understand this fighting game ha. Good job Garrett. Did you ever get serious hurt from punch into your face? or light smilpy punch? Interesting..

  • congts , garrett scott,… shock see u work hard longest keep chin up ur success ! thank for advice inspirit me cuz i am judo brow belt 3 class level ! i was little kid 11 yrs old stop at 14 yrs old by 4 yrs after that just off and on! but i need take class more time bjj ! pratice lot worj hard same as u do ! i see u tlk about ! know that ! i am laugh! i reazile come true ! now i will work hard my love judo ! tcare pls keep going !.. have fun !